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Q: The stems aren't 100% symmetrical on either side. Is that supposed to be like that?
A: Yes, the stems are slightly asymmetrical in looks. But they are totally symmetrical in function, i.e. your handle bars are correctly aligned to the steer tube when mounted properly. We purposely designed the stem to be organic and realistic looking.

Q: Where can I get Moment Industries components?
A: You'll find a list of dealers and online sources here.

Q: The rotors look cool, but are they safe?
A: They are as strong as other name brand rotors currently on the market. The material that they are made out of is a very tough stainless steel. It is high quality metal made here in the US. We engineered them using the latest 3D CAD software with computer design analysis. After we were done with the theoretical computer analysis, we test, test and test so we are able to offer our product to the market. 

Q. Do I need to burnish the rotors before I use them?
A. Yes, just like the other rotors on the market, you will need to burnish them, which is done by simply riding and stopping. When using any new rotor, ours or somebody elses, using them heats them up a little and transfers some of the brake pad material onto the braking surface of the rotor. Please take it easy the first few times you use anybody’s new rotor, a Moment Industries or any other manufacturer.

Q. I don’t seem to be getting the stopping power that I need, what’s wrong?
A. Try some rubbing Alcohol to clean the rotor braking surface, or a degreaser. If there is oil on the rotors, they won’t stop that well. If that doesn’t work, then consult your brake caliper manufacturer’s instructions / troubleshooting guides. You may need to check the wear on your calipers, brake set-up or depending on your riding style, upsize to a bigger rotor.

Q. What size rotors do you make?
A. 160mm, 185mm, & 203mm. All are 0.070" thick.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A : We do ship to countries where we don't have a distributor. But for the countries where we do have a distributor, we have carefully chosen our international distributors, and they are all top notch, so we will not ship to those countries currently covered by our international distributors as the product is already there, and it's easier for you as the customer to get Moment Industries products from them. However, in the countries where we don't have distributors, we will gladly ship to that country. You can contact us at with any questions.

Q: Are you going to have different graphical rotor designs?
A: We are working on new designs all the time. 

Q: Do you make or sell calipers too?
A: No, but our rotors are compatible with all major caliper brands that use 160, 185, & 203mm as well as 0.070” thick. This is a standard that is on other manufacturer’s website.

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