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Folding Fixie?

 Wow.. $700 full build, tough market to compete in, not much of a personalized touch.

Let’s say you want some unholy combination of things like full size wheels, a folding bike and fixed gears. Well, now you can do just that.

For 25 years, Montague has sold folding bikes with full 700c road wheels, but only as complete bikes. For 2013, they’ll offer framesets, letting you build it up just the way you want. Their key selling point, besides full size wheels (did we mention they use full size wheels?) is that you can put just about any standard component and drivetrain part on it because -you guessed it- they use full size wheels.

That, and the fold doesn’t affect the drivetrain and only requires that you add in a bit of extra cable housing to accommodate the bend.

They’ll be available Spring 2013. Prices will range from $499 to $699 depending on frame. Most will come with forks, just not the mountain bikes. All frames are custom drawn aluminum alloy. Complete bikes generally come in around 30lbs (claimed), which means you could build something up reasonably light using all those killer parts cluttering up your garage. They say one of the heavier models (like the Paratrooper) is about 10lbs for the frame.

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