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Just a amazing person - simple as that

 There are people that you look up and admire and others you just want to be around because of their contagious energy.  I am grateful to have met Bobby McMullen years ago and always enjoy our time together.  I wanted to share this good read to shed some on our hero. Bobby McMullen searches for a pair of pedals in his supply room in Mill Valley. The blind mountain bike racer, who can see some shapes and bright colors, has recently been training on a custom-built road bicycle. Photo: Pete Kiehart, The San Francisco Chronicle Read more: Bobby McMullen pedaled his..  - Read More

Kevin Sorichetti - Team Rider

Kevin has been part of this company for quite some time, we are very fortunate to have him in our court.  I wanted to share some of his style with you.  Rider - Kevin Sorichetti    Photos - Kalin Law Kevin Sorichetti 2012 Edit from Joey Wendorf on Vimeo.  - Read More

Folding Fixie?

 Wow.. $700 full build, tough market to compete in, not much of a personalized touch. Let’s say you want some unholy combination of things like full size wheels, a folding bike and fixed gears. Well, now you can do just that. For 25 years, Montague has sold folding bikes with full 700c road wheels, but only as complete bikes. For 2013, they’ll offer framesets, letting you build it up just the way you want. Their key selling point, besides full size wheels (did we mention they use full size wheels?) is that you can put just about any standard component and drivetrain..  - Read More

Sasha Darovskikh - Breakthrough Frame Design

We have full respect for anyone following their passion regardless of what lies ahead.  When Sasha Darovskikh contacted us to chat about parts he let us know about his project of building a down hill frame.  We have followed his progression and are stoked on where the project is and can't wait to see the final result.  I wanted to shine some light on the "Armanda" and give Sasha props he deserves.   Full read on Pink Bike.  I will keep you updated but he has the parts and is just about ready to weld. DESCRIPTION: The Armada is made with..  - Read More

Fogel's Summer Adventure 3

We are stoked to have Jack supporting our brand - here is his words and a sick vid of the Summer adventures below. The saga continues, with another unreal summer of road tripping around North America! It started with spending a few days at my buddy Christian Wright's house in Auburn, shredding his local trails and backyard set-up. I continued east to Vail, Colorado for the Teva Mountain Games, which was a good time as always. Cody Gessel showed me around for a day in Utah, and I continued up to Victoria before Camp of Champions started in Whistler. Camp..  - Read More

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